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MENTAL WELLBEING – 6 ways to improve your mental wellbeing at work?

The old saying “work smarter, not harder” is a bit outdated these days.

In the age of ever-changing technology and the need to be constantly connected, what most people really want is to work less hard but more smart.

This means they want to improve their mental wellbeing at work by finding better ways of managing stress with tools like meditation or mindfulness exercises.

In this blog post you’ll learn about 6 different techniques that can help your mind stay calm and focused throughout the day so you’re able to achieve your goals without feeling burnt out or overwhelmed.


1. Keep a journal of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to be mentally healthy.

The oldpractice of journaling your thoughts and experiences which is an excellent mental health tool fashioned practice of journaling your thoughts and experiences is an excellent mental health tool.

According to mental health expert Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein,

many mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety cause people to focus too much on the past or the future,

But “keeping a journal can help you develop a more balanced perspective.”

He goes on to explain that mental health experts encourage journaling as a way to “reflect on your own mental state.”

Journaling is also useful for establishing connections between what’s happening in your mental stateand what’s going on externally, which can be helpful when identifying stressors.


2. Practice gratitude for what you have in life for mental wellbeing.

gratitude which can actually improve your mental wellbeing

Research has proven the mental health benefits associated with gratitude.

The mental health experts at Anxiety Canada suggest that “practicing gratitude can not only make you happier,

it can actually improve your mental wellbeing.”

One way to do this is by keeping a daily journal or list of things for which you are grateful.

Also both big and small aspects in life such as friends helping out with chores around the house when needed;

receiving mail from companies giving discounts even if it’s just 10 cents off per day will add up over time!


The study backs these claims too:

those who felt most Gratitude had higher levels of well-being throughout their whole body compared with people living without any sense whatsoever…


3. Express yourself through art or music for mental wellbeing. playing guitar which can be helpful in relieving mental stress

Creative expressions such as writing can also be helpful in relieving mental stress!

Not only will it give you a mental break — allowing some “me time” —

it can help reduce mental fatigue and anxiety levels while increasing creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Moreover, there are mental health benefits associated with music as well.

In fact, mental health experts believe that “music can have a powerful effect on mental wellbeing.”

For example, listening to certain genres of music such as classical or jazz has been shown to reduce mental fatigue and anxiety levels while also improving mental clarity and focus.


4. Get enough sleep every night. enough sleeping which reduces stress at work, which otherwise can lead to mental illness, poor mental wellbeing.

Lack of mental rest and mental wellness due to stress can have a negative effect on mental health,

which can lead to mental illness, poor mental wellbeing, depression or worse.

According to mental health experts from Psychology Today,

“it is important to understand that mental fatigue will cause one’s mental faculties, including memory and mental alertness, to decline… mental fatigue will lead to mental sloppiness.”

Get enough mental rest every night by establishing a regular sleep routine consisting of going to bed and waking up at the same time each day.

Although mental rest is crucial during some “down-time” like sleeping,

mental health experts also encourage mental relaxation some other mental rest activities, such as mental yoga or mental meditation.


5. Eat healthy meals at regular times during the day for mental health.

healthy meals at regular times essential to mental health.Regularly eating nutritious foods is essential to mental health!

According to mental health experts from Harvard Health Publishing,

“you can protect your mental health by choosing foods that support neurotransmitters in your brain.”

For example, mental health experts advise mental wellbeing by including foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, folate and choline in your mental diet…


6 . Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight, which leads to mental wellbeing.

exercise to maintain a healthy weight

Regular mental exercise, such as mental jogging or mental yoga, is recommended by mental health experts.

In fact, mental wellbeing and physical health go hand in hand:

“exercise has been found to be beneficial for mental health and also reduce the risk of developing mental illness.”


Mental exercises increase your brain’s ability to process information and mental function, even improving mental wellness and mental clarity.

In fact, mental health experts believe that “exercise can also be helpful in treating mental illness,” such as mental depression.

If you have a gym membership or go for a walk outside each day, mental health benefits can be achieved!

Other mental wellbeing advantages of regular exercise include better mental health, mental energy, more mental clarity and improved mental strength.


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The benefits of these changes are well documented.

And the good news is that they’re all simple to implement, so you can start enjoying a better mental wellbeing at work today!

What other ideas have you tried to improve your mental health in the workplace?

Please share them with us and we’ll add them to our list for future posts on this topic.


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